5789 Heavy-duty Ball Bearing Drawer Slide with interlock system

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:5789

1. Full-extension
2. Load capacity: 200lbs
3. Size: H57 x 19 (mm)
4. Interlock drawer slide (anti-tilt model)
(1) Rear-locking interlock mechanism allows only one drawer to open at once and keep others closed for safety (anti-tilt)
(2) Heavy-duty ball-bearing telescopic drawer slide: Load capacity: 91kgs (200lbs); profile: 57 x 18mm, 58 x 19mm; for lateral file cabinets
(3) Each set of interlock-slide consists of a pair of interlock slides and a metal connecting rod
(4) Easy and labor-efficient installation: Mount interlock-slides, snap rod-holders and connect metal rod
(5) An economical solution is available: Mount interlock slide on one side, and install non-interlock slide on the other side. Users only need 2 rod holders and a metallic connecting rod (ready to cut) for installation
(6) Suitable for wooden drawers and metal boxes (steel cases)