Tai Cheer Industrial Co., Ltd.--Ball bearing drawer slides, drawer slides

After almost three decades of experience, Tai Cheer Industrial Co. has become a dynamic manufacturer of ball bearing drawer slides at a production base in Yunlin County, central Taiwan.

The company concentrated mainly on roll forming machines in the first decade of its life, and in 1993 became involved in the production of drawer slides for furniture items, tool carts, and medical equipment.

Today Tai Cheer has four ISO 9001: 2008-certified factories with 100 automated production lines and 30 semi-automated lines. To enhance product quality, the company has imported advanced CNC equipment from Japan and constantly upgrades its production facilities.

Tai Cheer uses its sophisticated equipment and seasoned industrial expertise to turn out over two million high-end bearing-type drawer slides per month. The products are used almost everywhere, including offices, homes, stores, and hospitals.

Thanks to the use of zinc, the slides are corrosion-proof; they are available in 10- to 60-inch versions, ready for shipment. The company supplies its products mainly on an OEM, ODM, or OBM basis, and welcomes special orders with special customer specifications.

Tai Cheer Industrial Co., Ltd.

No. 196, Xinzhuang Li, Tuku Town, Yunlin, Taiwan 633
Tel: 886-5-665-4716
Fax: 886-5-665-4717
E-mail: taicheer@ms41.hinet.net
Website: www.proslide.com.tw